Friday, October 14, 2011

Light vs. Darkness Theme in The Office

As a fan of The Office, I have picked up on quite a nice theme...especially as we approach Fall Retreat.  Over the 7+ seasons the show has existed, the one consistent thread has been the battle between Dwight and Jim.  And, Jim always has the upper hand. 

While I really do love Dwight and his eccentricities, and would love a Dwight bobble-head to go along with my Benedict XVI bobble, his belief that he is a dark, diabolic mastermind pushes him over-the-top.  Occasionally his plans work out, and it appears that malice and darkness will win in this prank war between Jim and Dwight. 

Jim.  What do you say about Jim?  He is reasonable, fairly helpful, and has romantically captivated the hearts of viewers through his relationship with Pam...or, has at least captivated the heart as much as a viewer of a mockumentary wants.  He is your stereotypical good guy.   He represents the light, and he somehow always has the upper hand on Dwight.  It simply is that way, and would seemingly be wrong any other way. 

The light vs. darkness, goodness vs. evil theme has shown up often throughout history, art, music and TV.  It's everywhere, even in the office. 

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