Monday, August 30, 2010

Deep Breath

Is it possible for Kickoff to not be crazy?


It came and went last night with a blaze of fury. The teens were amped, the Core Team was ready to go. Dora made her famed appearance. In watching the skit last night, I really felt as if I watched an entire Dora episode...and the AdBoard performed the skit in about five minutes. It must be my advanced intellect (compared with a five-year-old) that allows me to understand a full episode in under five minutes.

I mean, the map song on the show takes about as long as the skit took last night.

Here's Brian Regan's commentary on the "Map Song."
Brian Regan - Dora the Explorer
Brian Regan VideosBrian Regan JokesBrian Regan Standing Up

Sorry if you missed the skit. If you've come this far, you may feel as if you watched it!

Kickoff went smoothly overall. I shared a story about growing up in a small town; ask someone who was at Kickoff to share details if you're interested. By the way, cow tipping is a legend...check wikipedia. I did find this humorous video on Youtube though...

The ninja playground battle was epic. Again, I wish we had it on tape. Maybe we'll have to have another ultimate ninja tournament so we can film it for promotional purposes!

I leave you with some photos from the evening's activities (you can check out more pics on our Facebook page).

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