Monday, October 11, 2010

Thoughts to follow up.

Last night's Holy Hour focused on the immediacy of the Christian life. Fr. Kyle reminded us of this fact at Credo, when he said, "You are not the Church of the future; you are the Church of now."

Living the faith in the moment, witnessing to the love of Christ in our daily lives, requires work. The work is awareness. We must continually learn and re-learn how to be aware of Christ's presence in our lives and to move. Every human relationship is a movement, it is a journey. The same holds true for the relationship with Christ. It is a journey and it is one that you must move upon, because God respects our freedom so much. He never imposes, or forces you to move. He invites, encourages and affirms our movement toward Himself. This means, the ball is really in our court. We must decide if we are willing to move, to work, to be aware of his presence, not only during those mountaintop spiritual experiences, but on the ordinary journey of life.

This work reminds me of the journey of the Road to Emmaus. This painting was completed in 1516-17 by Altobello Melone. You can learn about it at the National Gallery site.

You can check out the Going Deeper handout for the week, here. This was a homily given by Pope John Paul II during WYD in Toronto.

“You must have initiative; you must take initiative so that your life be a relationship with God."
Fr. Luigi Giussani

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