Thursday, November 3, 2011

Will Not Lose

Yesterday's Gospel contained a really profound line from John 6:  "I will not lose anything of what he gave me."  Here, Jesus is speaking to the crowds about his Father. 

After reading this, I had breakfast with my wife and our children.  I was struck by our 2-year-old as she insistently asked for grapefruit.  My wife would cut out a piece, and put it in her bowl.  Rather than waiting for the bowl to fill up, our 2-year-old would pull the bowl back, consume the piece and then ask for more. 

"I will not lose anything of what he gave me."

I've seen her do this before.  She will consume even the smallest morsel, then ask for more.  I find this contradictory to how I live my life, and my relationship with the Father.  See, I approach it in a much more adult fashion.  When I ask God for something, I want it all handed to me on a platter as it looks in my imagination.  Nice.  Neat.  Tidy.  Consequently, I find myself impatient and dissatisfied quite often. 

The approach my daughter takes is insightful.  She asks for what she wants (often to the point of incessant begging), receives it in her hands/bowl, and shoves it into her mouth.  She will be completely satisfied with one piece as she consumes it, so as to not lose what she was just given, and then ask for more. 

"I will not lose anything of what he gave me."

How would my life be different if I took in, consumed, what appears to be piecemeal of what I really want?  Instead of waiting and wishing and growing impatient, I would gratefully accept, and consume that which is given to me - I would not lose any part of it waiting around for the whole thing to magically show up.  This position is much more childlike, accepting and receiving with open hands, taking it in, and yet never being satisfied...always hoping or longing for more of the Good.

"I will not lose anything of what he gave me." 

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  1. Or is your daughters way more adult like. Think about it. She is reasoning that if she consumes the first bit and asks again she will be given more. So in our relationship with the Father it's more adult like to accept the piece meal stuff knowing that God will give us more when we ask and are ready. Jesus said that we needed the faith of a child to enter Heaven. So the Child becomes the adult in the eyes of God. Maybe I am wrong and please correct me if I am but just a thought.