Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Animal or Object

Circumstance had it that I had to pass through a group of high school boys several times on Saturday night.  I actually passed through them a few times because they are teens, and thus good at congregating near doorways and stairs in such an immovable fashion that the only way to get to where one wishes is to go right on through them.

Usually when I find myself passing through a conversation it is either about something ridiculous (and therefore, amusing) or the conversation stops completely and I am forced to awkwardly pass in silence.

Saturday was different.

The boys kept up their lively conversation which centered entirely upon various sexual acts with the opposite gender.

In situations like this one, I wish I had that impeccable gift of quick-  coupled with pastoral concern.  Usually I have one and not the other (or neither, as was the case that night) and I say nothing at all in the moment.

So, I will say it now:

Are we animals who have no constraint over our sexual organs, therefore making all forms of "sexual messing around" an accepted norm (even in conversation at very public events), or, the opposite gender is purely an object for use and selfish gratification. 

Based upon what I heard the other night, it is one option or the other for these youngsters.  Either way, personhood is reduced to nothing.

Let us continue to pray for the conversion of our own hearts in the midst of a society willing to reduce the human person to material as its norm.  And let us pray for an increase in purity and understanding of the body within the Catholic Church.

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