Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's been a while

I have struggled as of late to keep up with this blog.  My apologies. 

Here is a recap of summer thus far:

In June, we made gigantic ice cream cones at the festival.  We also attended a Reds game.  Overall, the baseball played on the field was horrible, but a handful of the teens did make it on the jumbo-tron, because they were dancing fools!  We sent a group of 12 to Glemnary Farm in Vanceburg, KY, along with a group from IHM, for a week of mission work.  They had a great time and grew in faithfulness and charity.  Some of the guys who went on that trip love this song:

NOTE:  This video gets really exciting at the 4:55 mark.

July.  What a crazy month.  A small group of us went hiking with Fr. Albert.  Enjoyable day with an epic cornhole tournament.  We were a group of nine - and proceeded to eat 11 hamburgers and 12 bratwursts!  I also watched a bird poop on the head of one of our senior guys.  It was fantastic.

Our teens lying in wait for our bus.
A week later we were on the bus to Steubenville.  The Youth Conference was powerful.  Many of our teens experienced initial conversion, and many more had the opportunity to re-affirm, and re-commit to living the Christian life.  Check out pics from the weekend on our Facebook page.  Our bus also broke down on the way back.  I will have to save that story for a different post. 

The month ended with an event by Presentation Ministries.  They brought Dcn. Ralph Poyo to XU for a day of talks on our battle to get to heaven.  It laid out the current climate toward truth and Christianity, and the challenge we have before us to respond as light in darkness. 

Now, we prepare for the upcoming year with parent info sessions and Kickoff! 

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