Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Top-Siders

Last year, my wife informed me that it was time to get rid of my juvenile, college Sketchers.  So, she had her mom by me some Sperry Top-Siders. 

A few tears were shed, then I moved on. 

That was in April. 

I guess I never really wore the Sperry's in rainy weather, until this week.  I think Tropical Storm Lee might be passing through, the last couple of days have been a drizzle.  Everything outside is cold, damp and gray.  And, I've been wearing my Sperry Top-Siders. 

Yesterday, my feet were completely soaked.  I thought it was a fluke, like I walked in a big puddle or something without realizing it.  But that was not the case. 

Today, we've had nothing but a fine mist all day in Cincinnati.  The ground is wet, but no big puddles - and my feet are wet. 

I recalled, about an hour ago, that the box my Top-Siders came in said something like, "Get Wet."  Cute, right?  They're boating shoes, so haha, right, I'll get them wet next time I'm on a boat (which is practically never).  Turns out, this tagline from Sperry is a real command, and my shoes literally take whatever water is on the ground and splash it up on my shoes.  I saw this happening. 

As I walked across the parking lot, I stared at my feet the whole time, watching the big, rubber, clown-like shoe-bottoms slap the water up on the fronts of my shoes.  Now, my socks are quite wet, and I'm wondering why Sperry wanted this to happen to me. 

These pics illustrate my cause for frustration:

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