Monday, September 12, 2011

The Social Network: Recap

Here is the talk from last night's meeting:

When we take a step back and observe ourselves in action (both online and in real life), what do we find?

I believe we come to understand that our desires are ultimate true and good - these are desires for love and affirmation.  The question we all have to grapple with is if the ways we pursue affirmation and love are actually satisfying (namely comparing ourselves to others, putting on false fronts to "fit in" or "feel accepted," etc.).

The final portion of our meeting last night sent the teens back into their small groups (they were split into groups by their high schools).  Here, they grappled with questions like:  Why is it difficult to live your faith in school?  How can this small group go out as light into the darkness?  What commitment can you make with one another as a sign of your commitment to Christ?

I pray the teens follow through on their commitments.  I heard about some pretty cool stuff from Core Team afterward.  Some of the commitments were:

  • Praying for everyone in the small group at noon each day this week.
  • Attending Mass together at school once a week.
  • Attending Communion service at school once a month. 

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