Monday, December 6, 2010


Christmas tree is up.  Ours is not the biggest and definitely not even close to being the brightest.  It's about 4 feet tall and sits on a table (baby-proof).  We only had one strand of lights, so it's a bit dim.

But, to Therese, our one-year-old, it is new, and therefore, it is awesome.  When I carried her into the living room on Sunday morning and set her on the floor, she proceeded to say "wow" nonstop for over 30 seconds.  That might not sound like much time, okay, you try it then.  Set the stop watch on your cell and say "wow" nonstop for 30.

It's a lot of wow-action.

Here's a clip that captures the cuteness factor. 

Upon further reflection, her apparent amazement struck me.  This is wonder - to be filled with amazement and awe.


The simple little dim Christmas tree filled her with wonder.  What a lesson for me and for you during this Advent season.  We are called to actively prepare for the biggest "WOW" the world has ever proclaimed:  The Incarnation.  The Creator of the universe became one of us.  We relive that memory, and are called to live the memory of this extraordinary event always, that in living it, we might stand filled with wonder at its unspeakable mystery.

This pic is filled with wonder.  I like the guy on the right, who is clearly thinking, "Mary, get out of the way.  I want to see this child."  The guy in the nice light blue outfit (front, left) is pointing and saying to his friends, "Check this out...I can't believe what I'm seeing!"

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