Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Battle of Willpower

We have a tremendous amount of talent on display.  Kate takes on the teens in a harsh round of Ninja.  Her tactics are unusual, but effective.  Her patience extraordinary.  Her fear, unimaginable.

Notice Jackie's attempted swipe at the face, and Kate's icy flinch.

As the round progressed, Kate's moves became, well, more progressive.

Behold, the gift of courage.

Unfortunately for Kate, the bold move she made - which if you pay careful attention, did not even come close to the hand of her dreaded opponent - eventually led to an even bolder, resulting in the loss the game, and of her hand (too gruesome to show here).

Yet focusing on the loss, here, ignores the evolution of a fighter in front of our eyes.  What courage!  What willpower!

I am told that Kate's hand has regenerated. 

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