Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Just a few moments ago I was updating the events on our Facebook page, and was google-ing an image for our upcoming chastity night.  Apparently searching "Chastity" will not find you a good looking young couple, holding hands and smiling for the camera...something like the front of a Christopher West, or TOB for Teens book.

I was shocked. 

And not necessarily because of explicit content (something a little sketchy will pop up with nearly every image search).  Instead, I was shocked at the mockery. 

Chastity is mocked in society. 

People laugh in the face of chastity, purity and the thought of abstinence.  We apparently live in a time where use reigns supreme. 

Maybe this is causing me to get on my soapbox once again, but whatever. 

Jesus Christ is counter-cultural.  He is a Man. 

Boys simply do what the other boys push back, no thinking for himself.  A boy takes the easy route and does what everyone else says is cool.

But a man stares evil, falsehood, selfishness, in the face and counters it with his every action.  Everything Christ did on the face of the earth, and continues to do, highlights his Manhood.  It is absolutely ridiculous that image searching "chastity" pulls up nothing but mockery. 

So, what are you going to do in the face of this culture?  Go with it? 

Or revolt?

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  1. Thank you, Brad Bursa. I could not agree more. You are truly a man as Christ was.