Thursday, July 8, 2010

Midsummer Classic. Midsummer Break.

As most of you know, every mid-July, Major League Baseball pauses for a few days. About 97% of the players get some time off, while the other 3% partake in the Midsummer Classic...The All-Star Game. Growing up playing baseball, the MLB All-Star break meant that little league was coming to a close for the year and that summer was half over. Just as most big league teams use the break to evaluate their rosters in comparison with the standings, so as to decide if they will pursue a trade that will get them into the playoffs, or dump half of their roster for players who might be good in five years (cough...Cleveland...cough...Indians), I would evaluate my summer to see how it stacked up to ones gone by.

While I no longer play little league, though I'm positive I could dominate the diamond, I still like to take a look at summer. What has already passed and what is to come. This year, I'll examine what we've done in Youth Ministry.

  • St. Gertrude Festival: June 11-13, 2010
The festival happened. There isn't too much to say. A big "thank you" to all who helped out and endured the heat...especially the heat in the booth kicked out by the ice cream machine. We only had one real glitch from what I can tell. Saturday night, when customers were starting to pile up, the chocolate side of the machine died. It began producing watered-down chocolate ice. No cream. Just ice. Weird.

  • God in Cinci: June 13-16, 2010
Straight from the festival into mission. How about that for an insane week!

As you can see from the video, our group reached out to those closest to us in our own city. The goal was our own continued conversion and to practice charity in Truth. First ever God in Cinci Trip: successful!

  • US Soccer Defeats Algeria: June 23, 2010
This has nothing to do with Youth Ministry.

While the loss in the next round was incredibly disappointing, June 23 was a great day to be a US soccer fan.

  • Genesis to Jesus Bible Study: June 23-August 11, 2010
All summer long, 8 teens have committed to studying scripture on Wednesday nights. Please keep our Bible Study in your prayers.

  • Adoration and Ice Cream: June 27 and August 1, 2010
On June 27, the High School Youth Ministry program had its first ever Adoration and Ice Cream night. We began the night in adoration focusing on surrendering our struggles, handing over our distractions to Christ, in order to worship in a deeper way than ever before. Following adoration, we enjoyed ice cream with sprinkles. Join us for the next one on August 1.

  • Steubenville Youth Conference: July 16-18, 2010

Only two weeks away!
  • Canoe Trip: July 24, 2010
Last year it stormed...a lot. First Youth Ministry event I ran on my own. 5:30am thunderstorm to wake us up in the morning. Twelve long miles on the Little Miami. On the river and off the river. Lunch in the mud. Cold. Wet. Half-hearted attempts at building canoe huts/condos.

It was a blast!

This year we won't be camping overnight, so we'll be fresh for hitting the river in the morning. Hopefully the rain holds off, though that seems to be when the adventure begins...

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