Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The biggest complaint from retreat was that adoration was not long enough. And, there was a lot of positive feedback about adoration and the silent time.

These are all great things.

Adoration was probably about 15 minutes shorter than I intended...and I'll take the blame for that, because I wasn't able to communicate with Father before or during adoration.

Nonetheless, I still think it's good to leave adoration hungry for more. This corresponds directly to our desire to be satisfied and that God always has more for us, should our hunger propel us to seek Him.

This is exactly how we should feel leaving retreat as a whole. God came through big time on retreat; He filled you. But He doesn't want to stop just because you left the retreat site. So, are you hungry enough for more that you will seek Him?...in silence?...at Mass?...in adoration?...during your day?

The gaze of the Father does not stop; we stop looking. This is the work that must be done. We must keep looking at the presence of God before us, just as we looked at Him on retreat. Because He does not stop.

This quote from Fr. Julian Carron stands out to me: "When have I been more myself? You can
examine everything, scan your life; if you have a second of honesty, ask yourselves when you have been more yourselves: when you took care of your own business or when that unmistakable gaze introduced itself?"

What happened this weekend was the unmistakable, and very real, gaze of the Father upon His children. So keep asking yourself that question...when have I been more myself? How can I become more myself?

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